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Our eating habits have been dramatically changed. We can enjoy a wide variety of food nowadays. Of course, there are differences eating habits in every country and became enriched, as it is, there are other problems caused. Decreasing family communication during a meal and ensuring food safety are one of them. And another thing, Japan has recently experienced a number of new threats to food safety and reliability.

It is time to take the responsibility for what we eat and get the good eating habits, isn’t it?

“tablin” is the social media site where you can exchange local eating habits information freely with others from all around the world.
It will be opened on April, 2012, hoping that some ideas will help to add some spice to your ordinary life! Imagine, how inspiring and interesting to know someone’s eating habit from the other side of the country.

I would like as many people as possible to exchange information which you have ever seen in news and books.
You can find an unique and interesting information at “tablin”.
Furthermore, I hope that tablin will be of service to you to enhance your healthy eating-habit and bridge a gap between a different culture.

Please feel free to join tablin!


About tablin