I bought the tea set at Shigaraki -shigaraki ware-

Have you ever heard of Shigaraki-yaki?

Shigaraki-yaki(ware) is well known pottery as a one of the six ancient kilns of Japan, has been built in Koga area and Shiga Prefecture, Shigaraki area.
By local sandy clay from the Lake BIWA and with the traditional skills, Shigaraki-yaki is made as a very durable pottery.
Although it is famous in Raccoon dog Figurine, there are various artistic potteries such as  vases, tea and even lighting fixtures.

Recently, I went to try buying a new tea pot at Shigaraki.
There are many pottery stores and galleries in the town lined with hotels.
Some stores provide a realistic experience of pottery.  If you’d like to take the experience, do not forget to make a reservation.

You’ll see a lot of raccoon dog figurines throughout the town. Wow!

I shopped around for hours and finally I decided to buy the tea pot at MARUJU Potting.
The MARUJUU potting was founded in 1937.

Original pottery, ceramics and new brand “CONTENTS” which combine classic and modern age are assorted. I personally recommend there because you are able to enjoy a variety of items not only dishes but also other kichen wares or flower pots. You can find surprisingly original CDs, too! They are eelaborated and simple luxury.

The young designer told me that he’d like to offer many selections which are assorted well one another.
It’s definitely worth visiting!

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