It is a waste to throw away used tea leaves! It can be used for various purposes.

It is a waste to throw away used tea leaves! It can be used for various purposes.
a600IMG_7434 Do you throw away used tea leaves remaining in a teapot?
Here are some typical usage, as it is useful in a variety of purposes

For removing odor, deodorant, aromatic composition
The green tea catechin has excellent antibacterial action on cholera ,pylori or other various bacteria. Moreover, it has deodorant effect to ammonia which is the causes of odors and formaldehyde evaporated from building materials.

a600IMG_7431 As an aromatic composition for your room or refrigerator deodorant.

a600IMG_7432 To put used tea leaves in a gauze, amall cloth bag or small bottle.

Highly nutritious food! Using for dish arrangements.
Green tea leaves contains various nutrients, but 70% of it are insoluble: vitamin E, dietary fiber and protein are a main ingredient.

You can use it for salad and spice for pasta in western food,
for miso soup and rice as a seasoning in Japanese food,
or simply eaten as it is accompanied by soy souce.
You can give a twist to ordinary recipes.

We recommend Sencha and Gyokuro for cooking, but as Karigane and Fukamushi-cha is not recommended for eating.
*Karigane-cha:made of stems
*Fukamushi-cha:deep-stem green tea

03_img potato salad
09_img potato salad
10_img cake
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For fertilizer in your home gardening and insect repellent
Green tea leaves can be used as a natural fertilize by its nutrients.
Dry thoroughly when using it, or it will get moldy.

How to use used tea leaves

For cooking:Use it as soon as possible, or it’s easily-oxidizable, then it loses flavor.
For deodorant:Dry thoroughly. You can use oven to dry it.

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