The first offshore business and challenge for managing a global website.

To start tablin project, I luckily had the chance to work with a certain overseas company for developing website.

To be honest, as this is my first challeng to collaborate with overseas, I was a bit anxious about differences of business practice and communication.  However, I decided to start off the new project with this overseas company because I was introduced to the CEO by one of my reliable friends and I would like to challenge a new project.It has been so excited for me for months.

Soon I contacted the CEO, he showed me his enthusiasm and commitment, which made me decided to continue to cooperate with him as a business partner to develop website and operate “tablin”.And “tablin” project will be positively develop globally for years to come!

Although I have very limited knowledge of how to deal with global market, I personally think there is a needs to consider a broad perspective for the future, and many Japanese individual business owners have already developed overseas nowadays.

Finally, I would like to thank especially my wife. I am ashamed to say but I have extreme difficulty in English, though I am trying to improve it, my wife helps me to translate. She has a job, housework and cooking stuff, so I am greatly appreciated her help.

“tablin” aim to support your healthy and joyful eating-habit as much as possible, and hope to be gradually loved people around the world.
It is something to look forward it!!

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