Green Vegetables with crab ankake sauce

Need another dish for dinner?
If there are green vegetable and a crab meat can, here is the answer. This one is really easy to make especially when you don’t have time.

A canned crab meat is very populer for a gift in Japan. There is a traditon called “Ochugen” and “Oseibo”, giving gifts as a summer and winter greetings for special thanks for daily help. It is apt to sit in one’s pantry for a long time, but once you know the taste of it, it will never happen. :)

“Ankake” is a sause made by mixing potato starch, “Katakuriko”. If it isn’t easy to get for outside Japan, cornstarch(cornflour) is an acceptable substitude or you may purchase at Amazon Groceries where carries several Japanese foods.

-Cooking ingredients-
some green vegitables
-broccori, qing-geng-cai or asparagus, etc.
a canned crab meat 1
ginger 1/2piece
white scallion/leek 1/2
egg white 1
katakuriko(corn starch) 1tsp
sesamu oil 1tsp
salt/pepper a little

1. Peel and grade ginger and white scallion.
2. Cook green vegitables in saled boiling water and rinse in cold water so that it remains crunchy and delicious.
3. Add 1. in a heated pan with sesami oil, then when it is aromatic add crab meat.
4. Put salt and pepper, when all ingredients blend, take the pot off the heat.
5. Mix katakuriko with 1tsp water and add to 3, stir well and put the heat on. (Since katakuriko solidify quickly by heat)
6. After heating quickly, pour the well-beaten white egg and pour on the vegitables.


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