Antique flower pot made of Iga Japanese pottery

I went to Iga where is well known as one of the production centers of Japanese pottery.
There are many kind of high-quality earthen pots known as “Donabe” and daily use tableware.
Many people visited Iga as it is “Golden Week” which is long national holiday in May in Japan.

An antique flower pot made by wood-fired kiln captured my attention this time.
Its figure and shape is in harmony with nature.
The atmosphere, standing quietly and humbly, gives us a comfortable beauty of a landscape as if it has been there through the ages.

Many variety of flower pots were displayed and sold at “Nagatanien” which has been in business for 180years and is one of the representative of Iga kilns.

There is no other place like this.
It is worth seeing for those who like Japanese-style flower pot and gardening.

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