Kintsugi workshop(mending broken pottery)

I participated in Kintsugi workshop in one warm Spring day.
It was too bad that my favorite pottery was broken, but on the other hand, I was looking forward to doing Kintsugi.

Kintsugi is Japanese distinctive technique of fixing broken pottery with lacquer resin sprinkled with powder gold. It is now a new component of appreciation in “Golden Seams:The Japanese Art of Mending Ceramics”. Japanese people have a heart to cherish what one has. It is great spirit to take good care of products and use them for a long time.

At class room, I watched what the participants brought at this workshop. There are different kind of potteries such as “Koimari”(old Imari porcelain), sensitive “Etsuke” wares(underglaze/overglaze painting ceramics) and stylish ”Yakishime” wares, etc.
All participants seem to have an attachement for what they have.

The lesson begins from learning about the materials to repair, at where I can purchase them and also exactly how cost the materials are. Then, following steps: repair broken part with lacquer, this is the most difficult part to rebuild chipped part, sprinkle powder gold and wait till it dry. Althought it depands on damaged condition, it takes about an hour and a half.

While waiting for all the lacquer to dry, participants exchanged pottery information, useful tips such as how to take care and deal with when pottery gets moldy, etc.

After 30mins, it’s all done!
I was impressed that the piece fixed by kintsugi is givin different looks, gorgeous and more precious than what it was. Moreover, it is done myself, yes! I can fix it whenever I need to from now on. 🙂




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