Toji Kobou Market

With the To-ji Kobo-ichi

Date:Every month 21st
Place:1 Kujyo-Cho Minami-Ku Kyoto-Shi

The “Kobo-ichi” is one of the “Ennich” which is considered to be the day when the gods and Buddha have “relationship” with this world in Japan.
It is told that there is big successful profit when you visit temple on this day.

In To-ji Temple, “Kobo-ichi” is the memorial service in honor of “KUKAI” who left a great earthly achievement in Japanese Buddhism and passed away on March 21st.
It used to be held once a year, and then it has been held on 21st of every month since 1239.

Because many people came for pray, a tea merchant started to sell with a plain stand.
In the Edo era, there are not only tea shop but also gardener shop or the drugstore came out.
This was considered to be the origin of the current Kobo-ichi.

Nowadays over 1200-1300 stalls are set up in To-ji, and approximately 200,000 people come for the purpose of these.
The “Kobo-ichi” has many variety of stalls which offer specialtes such as antique, old clothes, ceramics and various kind of food.
Those stalls are opening by a supplier not a general person.

You can enjoy shopping while taking with a pottery artist who opens stalls by his/her own.

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