A leaf of giant radish with miso

A leaf of giant radish with miso

This is a side dish and goes pretty well for rice!
A giant radish, which is called Daikon, is an important items in Japanese diet and is prepared in many ways.
As it helps the digestion, especially of oily foods.
Thick sliced are served with other vegetable as “nimono” which is boiled well in soup stock “dashi”.
Dried in long thin strips is called “kiriboshi daikon”.

I always cook this when I buy a whole giant radish which length is about 35 cm long.
Some people might discard its leaf part, but you won’t do that after trying this recipe. 🙂
You can use turnips leaf instead of a giant radish.

-cooking ingredient-
a giant radish 5cm
a leaf part 10cm
sesami 2tbsp
sesami oil 1tbsp
sake 2tbsp
mirin(sweet sake) 1tbsp
white miso 3tbsp
soy sauce a little
*If you don’t have white miso, please go with the ingredients as follow:
sake 2tbsp
mirin(sweet sake) 1tbsp
sugar 1tbsp
miso 2tbsp

1. cut radish and its leaf into small pieces
2. put 1. into heted sesami oil and turn to the low heat
3. after it looks mixed with oil add sake first, when it become soft add mirin and miso
4. add sesami and then finally put soy sauce at last as a flavor!

It takes about only 5mis or so. Please do not simmer them after adding miso. The flavor would be lost.


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