Cooked Chicken with leek vinegar sauce

It looks so simple but the secret in its soft and juicy tastes lies in precook!
Vinegar sauce brings many benefits to our health such as cholesterol control and antimicrobial action.

-cooking ingredient- (for 4 servings)
chicken thigh 400g
salt 1tbsp

Japanese leek 1/2
soy sauce 2tbsp
vinegar 2tbsp
sugar 1tsp
sesame oil 1tbsp
sliced chili pepper 1tsp

1. rub the chicken thigh with salt thoroughly and wrap with cooking paper. leave in the refrigerator more than 2 hours
2. prepare boiled water. after putting chicken thigh, turn down to low heat and boil for about 10 mins or until it is cooked
*The chicken thigh remains soft and juicy when it is cooked over low heat.
3. combine all sauce ingredients
*If you can’t get Japanese leek, just leek is fine.
lightly fly the chopped leek in some heated oil, and add all sauce ingredients
4. cut the chicken into bite-size pieces and pour sauce over them

This is how to precook


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