It’s satisfied with the tour of Tanbayaki at Tanba.

With Tanba-yaki pottery
It’s made with the traditional pottery ranked as one of a Japanese six old kilns centering on Sasayama-shi, Hyogo Konda-cho.
Tanba-yaki pottery is consistent in approximately 800, and it have been baking it up to now based mainly on daily vessels after a kiln is opened.
Tanba-yaki pottery is also called Niwa Tachikui baking again.

It’s satisfied with the tour of Tanbayaki at Tanba.
About 60 potteries exist in visited Konda-cho.
You can wander around and just drop in pottery wherever you like, however I’ll recommend to go Tanba traditional park of arts and crafts first. ” village in Tachikui Sue “.
A pottery beyond 50 houses is exhibited separately at the exhibition spot sale place by the Tanba-yaki pottery in the facilities ” pottery alley “.
Work etc. of traditional work and daily necessities can take various works in its hand and enjoy the difference carefully.

First if a favorite pottery is found here.
By all means, please go to a pottery directly.

There are also a ceramics experience and a ceramics class at a village in Tachikui Sue and a pottery.
It’s also fun to make only your original broiled fish.

The ” pottery alley ” which has complete set of many works
The place abundant naturally Tanba Tachikui
The pottery in the everywhere in a village receives.


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