OISHINBO -Most popular gourmet comic in Japan-

OISHINBO is one of the most popular serial comics in Japan.
The story is about cooking and sometimes it shows manners as well.
It has been published since 1983, it is now reached to 107 volumes in 2011.

You can enjoy learning wide variety of gourmet such as Japanese, Western, Chinese food and extensively maigre dishes(vegetalian dish)
At times it isn’t appear long time for gathering information, but you’ll see the reason why. It shows a fairly detailed description of each topics.

If you are interested in Japanese eating-habit, there is English version as well.

Outline of the story
Shiro Yamaoka and Yuko Kurita who are both journalists for the Tozai News work on producing the “Ultimate Menu” project as a company’s 100th anniversary celebration.
The story depicts of how to get the “Ultimate Menu” project done. The hightlight is to compete against Yamaoka’s father and rival Yuzan Kaibara.


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