Tofu hamburg with ponzu
It is very healthy making with tofu and chicken!

Tofu hamburg with ponzu sause

It is very healthy hamburg which is made of tofu and chicken!

Tofu is well known as one of the most nutritious and tasty food.
The two main of kinds of tofu are “momentofu” which is the firm one and “kinugoshitofu” which is much finer texture.
Tofu is also used “shojin ryori” which is Zen vegetarianism.

-cooking ingredient- (for 4-5 servings)
ground chicken 300g
firm tofu 1pack(300g)
onion 1/2
egg 1
potato starch 1tbsp
grated ginger 1tbsp
salt/pepper a little
grated daikon(a giant radish)
ponzu sauce(citrus soy sauce)

1. wrap tofu with cooking paper and heat it in a microwave for 1 mins to extracts water from tofu
2. chop onion and put all ingredients in bowl and mix very well
3. Make into 8 round balls and then dent in the middle
4. Put some vegetable oil in the flying pan and fry on a high heat
5. Fly until it gets brown and flip over
6. Once the other side gets brown put some water and steam cook on a medium heat for 4mins
7. put a little grated Japanese radish and ponzu on top and serve as a side dish with boiled vegetables!

*If you prefer heavier tastes, try Teriyaki sauce!
Teriyaki sauce goes well with just about any Japanese dishes. You can stock as dressing. 🙂

Teriyaki sauce ingredient
soy sauce 1/2tbsp
mirin seweet cooking sake 1/2tbsp
sugar 3tsp

Just follow to 1-6steps as above.
7. Turn the heat to low and put Teriyaki sauce ingredients and mix with the flavor of chicken gravy
8. Take all hamburg out
9. Simmer the sauce till thickened
10. Put the sauce on the Hamburg!

Teriyaki version


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