My first try of spaghetti squash!

It is really nice to have in hot summer!
With it’s juicy tasts and interesting texture, a spaghetti squash tasts great when cooled just like Somen which is very popular Japanese noodle in summer.

Although I’ve seen it on TV or magazines, I never eat it before.
As I happened to find it at a vegetable store, my curiosity had gotten the better of me.

As soon as I got home, I started to cook spaghetti squash mede in Okayama. 🙂

First, cut into round about 2inches slices.
*Please note to cut into round slices in order not to break its fiber

Second, boil them with plenty water for 10-20mints.

Then, soak them in cold water and ravel out by hand or with chopsticks, throw the coat away.
Last, dry them well.
You can have it with noodle sause or dressing!

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