Enjoy the world of Bonsai workshop

I particiapted in the Bonsai workshop which was held at Fukuwakado in Kamikyo-ku, Kyoto in Japan.
Generally, Bonsai is well known as its difficult cultivation techniques and care, but Fukuwakado has offered “easy-to-care Bonsai” for your life style, which is differ from traditional one.
You can enjoy it not only growing plants but placing as an interrior.

The contents of the workshop adjust seasonally.
I learned “grass and flower Bonsai” using grass and flowers which were grown in wild mountain.

Mr. Kudo who own Fukuwakado politely told me that all plants shown in pictures will all bloom.
It was very interesting to look up the charactaristics of each plant in the dictionary myself.

I selected some plants by considering the balance in the pot, the blooming season and the easiness of care.

This one is my first work with supported by Mr. Kudo.
Not bad, isn’t it? 🙂

To grow them, I’ve got to water every morning and evening.
I am definately excited to see how it will be.

At the last, mossing soil altered the impression of grass and flowers pot which gives me different world view from common potted plant.

Shop info of Fukuwakado
It’s a Bonsai and Plant shop.
All plant that came straight from the mountains have vitality and buauty as it is as close a nature as it is instended to be.
Moreover, you can select an one and only vase which Mr. Kudo makes all by himself.
Then I’ll enjyo having to select plant pot which is made of pottery artist’s owner kudo
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Kamikyo-Ku Kyoto City

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