Tanikan kiln by Hozan Tanii

Hozan Tanii who is the third generation of the Tanikangama(kiln’s name). Tanikangama has contributed to develop Shigaraki ware where is one of the largest producer of Japanese pottery.

He has dedicated his life to pottery with love of nature for 40years.
He also contributed to develop Shigaraki ware as well as a new generation, there is an apprentice system in Japanese traditional arts, and they currently active as an artist.

Mr. Hozan has been born and raised in Yoshino, located at the center of Nara prefecture, surrounded by grand nature.
When he was a junior high school student, he became phisically disabled because of unfortunately accident, having disability in his right foot.
He visited to Todai-ji Medical and Educational Center, where is located on the grounds of the Todai-ji(*Todai Temple), to have a surgery and stayed for a while for recuperation. During his stay, he took a experience creating pottery for the first time.

This experience is the catalyst of change in his life. He dicided to become a pottery artist.
With a keen interest in pottery, he went to an art university and devoted his student life to pottery.

After graduation, he started off his own business with his friend at a corner of Tanikangama as a favor of the previous owner.
This was a fateful encounter for him. He met a woman who eventually became his wife, the previous owner’s daughter.
At the time he had a notion to go back to Yoshino when he married, the previous owner offered him to succeed to Tanikangama.

His name, Hozan was given by Mr. Eikei Kamitsukasa who taught him pottery at Todai-ji. Mr. Eikei Kamitsukasa who later became the head of Todai-ji received a great deal of pleasure from his becoming a potter.

“Remembering what the previous owner did to me, I took apprentices gathered from around Japan and trained them to be independent. The number of my apprentic has risen more than 20 potters. During this period, I swamped my work not only as a master also as a manager of Tanikangama. It was not until 40, that I was allowed to concentrate making my own works.”, he said. Even now he gets down to produce a variety of distinguishing works and work in support of regional contribution activities such as an participation of charity event locally in Shigaraki and at Todai-ji.

*Todai-ji is the Buddext temple which is listed as UNESCO world heritage located in Nara, Japan.

As Mr. Hozan Tanii lives in accord with nature, he deliver the message from nature through his works, such as “Sekichuka”(a flower in the snow) and “Hoshun”(a scent of Spring). “Sekichuka” is imaged of the scenery of cherry blossoms grow in cold climates and its covering snow. “Hoshun” is the image of spring plants which just fledgling with the melting of the winter snow.

Massage for tablin customers
As for now, handicrafts are to decline and we buy and throw away so many things. The consumption-oriented society will continue to destroy the natural.
I would like to convey to everyone the rich spirit of taking good care of goods and use good products for a long time, moreover, our traditions and history through my work. Porcelain is finished products when it’s made, however Pottery is just like a new born baby when it’s made. It’ll be altering gradually depending on how you use the piece. I would like you to enjoy how it fits your life style.

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