Fried chicken roll with ume pastes

Fried chicken roll with ume pastes

Everytime I work with the weight in the gym, I try to have animal protain. 🙂
It goes well with pickled plum(Umeboshi) which is mede of Japanese apricot(Ume), touted as a macrobiotic food product nowadays.
Umeboshi is a traditional preserved food in Japan. It is often put in a rice or a rice ball in a boxed meal(bento) to make it last longer.
It tastes very sour, but it is known as healthy food. Most of Japanese know that it is served with rice gruel(okayu) when you are sick as it helps digestion.
Why don’t you try eating umeboshi?

-Cooking ingredients- (for 4servings)
tender or breast 250g(4pieces)
sake 1tbsp
salt/pepper a little

pickled plum 1piece
mirin(sweet sake) 1tsp
green perilla/beefsteak plant 8piece

*ingredients for fry
flour some
egg 1
breadcrumbs some
vegitable oil(for deep frying) some

1. make a shallow slits in thick part of chicken to be flat, cut into 2inches strips if needed, and pat. Put sake, salt and pepper thoroughly.(see picture below)
2. remove the pit, finely chop into paste and add mirin
3. wash green perilla, cut off the some part other than green leaves and dry
4. lightly wipe chicken, spread plum paste on the chicken, green perilla and then rolled(see picture below)
5. coat the chicken with flour, dip into the beaten egg and then into the breadcrumbs
6. fry the chicken until a golden brown
7. drain well and serve with some vegitables
Serve with lemon wedges, salt or ponzu sauce(citrus soy sauce)


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