Hand-rolled Sushi(Temaki-sushi)

Although you can enjoy delicious and fresh Sushi at a restaurant, another option is to make sushi at home!
Temaki-sushi is called as do-it-yourself sushi rolles. The process of making hand-rolled sushi is not so complecated.
Once you learn how to make sushi rice, you can start to make sushi at home. You can serve at a home party and let your guests creat their own rolls with their favolite fillings.

-Cooking ingredients- (for 4servings)
Japanese short grain rice 4cups
*Rice vinegar dressing
rice vinegar 110ml
sugar 70g
salt 20g

Sushi filliings — You can try whatever you like. Just choose a few and mix-and-match.
-salmon, tuna, young yellowtail, salmon roe, crab, prawn, suquid, etc. *It should be fresh, sushi-grade fresh.
-vegetables cucumber, daikon radish sprouts and avocados, etc. cut into 3-inch stripes
-sweet Japanese omlet some (I will show the recipe later)
-salted cod roe(1piece) with mayonnaise(2tbsp)

Sheet of Nori seaweed some
Wasabi paste some
Soy Sauce some

Please prepare sushi rice first.
1. rinse the rice with water about 3 times until the water becomes clear
2. cook the rice with little less water than usual
3. stir up all ingredients of rice vinegar dressing until sugar/salt have dissolved
4. add rice vinegar dressing right after the rice cooked and lightly mix it while it’s hot and then cool it to room temperature
5. prepare the fillings. cut all fillings into strips or slices. Dry vegetables with paper towels if nessesary.
6. cut some sheet of nori seaweed in half or quaters
7. put rice and each ingredients in several flat plats and

How to make hand-rolled sushi
8. place a sheet of nori seaweed on your hand and put little rice on it, approximately 2 tbsps
9. spred the rice evenly and put some fillings on in the center and then roll into a cone shape
10. set some chopsticks, spoons and small plates for dipping hand-rolled sushi with soy sauce and wasabi
It’ll be nice to prepar some wet towels for clearning guests’ hands.
  *To crisp a sheet of nori seaweed, fan it over a low flame back and forth and flip over.


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