Tokobo Reimei by Kazutoshi Kamei

Its rich nature and the birthplace of green tea is well known as ujidawara-cho in Kyoto.
The pottery artist, Kazutoshi Kamei founds kiln and lives with his family there where he had studied for 3 years after graduated from arts university.

His works refrect his character, sincerity and warmth, and his loyalty to earthy feeling.

He used to love making things and drawings and be greatly interested in artistic creations.
As he had grown up in birthplace of green tea, Shizuoka prefecture, he was immersed at an early age in tea utensil.
That is why he decided to become a pottery artist and went on to a traditional art school after high school.

He leant about knowledge and technic of art and craft at school and then found “Tokobo Reimei” after 3years training and became a pottery artist.

Regarding his works, he prefers using ash graze* rather than using coloured graze so that the pottery represents original tone of the cray.
Also, traditional designed pottery is one of his typical works. Each pottery carefully fashioned to become a unique work of art.
(*Ash graze is one of base grazes which doesn’t add any colouring agent. The color will be changed after biscuit firing.)

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