Tsunokichi offers many variety of natural foods to satisfy you just by eating freshy cooked white rice.
The traditional Japanese eating habit “dashi”, which is standerd stocks for soups, is the key of all items.

I vistited Tsunokichi which only offers natural and homemade foods in Kyoto.
The main products are “Chirimen sansho” made of small young sardins and Japanese prickly ash, “Tsukudani” which is salt-sweet preserves and condensed ”Dashi stock”, which you may have heard of as popular souvenirs in Kyoto.

Tsunokichi has the long history back to the Meiji era.
The story began from as a rice dealer store. After the present president took over from the founder, he decided to make his far-sight stratedy come ture, which is not only selling rice also other products such as “Tsukudani”. He has strived to develop new products from scratch by himself and finally established “Tsukudani” specialty store as a Tsunokichi brand.

Although, there are a lot of Chirimen store in Kyoto, many people love Tsunokichi since they have sticked to a materials.
All products are served wtih only the finest and most natulal ingredients and without the use of chemical seasonings or addiives since its foundation.

On of the item which picured my eyes is an all-round seasoning, “Kyo dashi”.

It futures carefully selected ingredients which are leftovers through making other products such as soup stocks of small young sardins and “Konbu” soup stocks etc,.
This is based on Japanese traditional thought “Mottainai”(wasteful) not to throw away of foodstuffs still useful, but to economize in cooking. That is why you can only buy them here.
Among their customers, some come from Okinawa or Hokkaido where is the southest and northest place in Japan.(It takes more than 3hours to get to Kyoto.)
There are many variety of products to choose form, such as “Ponzu”(citrus soy sause), “Kuromame”( simmered black soybeans) and “Katsuomiso”(mixed with dried or smoked bonito and miso) etc,.

According to the clerk, Tsunokichi focus on in-store service. (You can also purchase products from online store or at wholesale stores)
You can try as many products as you want at the store while having communication with clerks.

First, I tried Chirimen sansho, Nori chirimen and Yuzu chirimen. If you aren’t familiar with “sansho”(Japanese pepper, used with whole) well, Nori chirimen is recommended as “sansho” doesn’t in it.

Secoud, new products “Katsuomiso” and “Katsuo jerky”. I’ve never had tasted like this, but it was kind of familiar to me. “Katsuomiso” definately goes well with hot white rice! I felt like having it…!

Last, vegetable jams(carrots, burdocks, celery and Japanese plum). (the clark said these are under developing.)

At that night, I used “Kyo dashi” for “osuimono”(clear soup), “aemono”(a cooked salad) and cold tofu insted of soy sause.
When I opened the cover I could smell the rich flavor of bonito! The tasts is thick but elegant and tender.

Based with the traditional essential item “dashi” and other familiar ingredients, Tsunokichi has offered new products suit for today.
In spite of some issues for those who stick to materials, such as the rise in raw materials, they will have maintained the quality of Japanese “dashi” culture and serve pleasant taste with their aspirations.

Mr. Daisuke Yoshida who took good care of us at the store is a son of present owner.
He first had worked for a food company after graduated from university for years and then he started working at Tsunokichi.
He has more focused on successful branding and marketing to make the Tsunokichi products known as many as people with givin special attention to details from packages to brochures for each products.

I strongly recommend to take a look recipes on Tsunokichi blog! 🙂
Tsunokichi recipes blog

Tsunokichi which has continuously offered healthy and fine food for your body. I look forward to returning soon.
Please stop by when you visit Kyoto. Why not give it a try yourself!

Company Name: Tsunokichi
Location: 507-8, Tanaka-cho, climbing Gojo, Miyagawacho-dori, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
Tel: 075-561-3845
Holidays: Sundays, National holidays
Open hours: 9:00~18:00
Main Business: Production and distribution of Tsukudani

Web site http://www.tsunokiti.com/


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