Daisuke Kiyomizu

Mr. Daisuke Kiyomizu was born as the first son of the potter, Mr. Hisashi Kiyomizu who are the grandson of the fifth-generation Rokube Kiyomizu. Although he was grown up from a prominent pottery family, he didn’t much interested in pottery. When he was a student, he spent all his time playing soccer, which is now his favorite pastime.

Since he was interested in design field such as interior and architecture, he went to an art university.
Despite of haing a vague idea of becoming a potter, he didn’t decided to become a potter yet. He was gradually drawn in by the fascination of pottery in the course of learning craftsmanship.

“The most attractive point to become a potter is to create all by myself from scratch to finish. In fact, most of manufacturing consists of division. For instance, archtecture, a building job is based on specialization, such as designing and construction part to meet client’s request. Of course there are a variety ways to process, however he was fascinated by creating from A to Z, from choosing raw materials(clay and graze) to refine to compose to form to finish, everything in between can be done by myself.”

He finally decided to be a potter with a thought of striving to creat a perfect work in his, artisan eyes, which is unable to manufactur or replicate.
“Until then, I wasn’t really involved with pottery field, I must say that it was a little uncomfortable to confess my decision to my father.”

WIth his father’s advise to go professional school of pottery after graduation from University, he studied again for 2 years. After that he was apprenticed to the potter whom he was powerfully attracted by the master’s work. Durning his 3years apprentice days, he laid the firm foundation, such as how to deal with others and mindset in being an artisan.

Starting as a young pottery artist was not easy. There are hardly jobs in the first several years. Moreover he had struggled with finding what he really is aiming at. However, by having job orders from his friends, acquaintances and those who are interested in his works at his first exhivition, he has gradually gotten established himself as a potter. He opened his gallery, called “Tokinoha”(a feather of Toki which is an internationally protected bird). Now he creat a different types of potteries coraborating with his wife, an pottery artist Mrs.Tomoe Kiyomizu.

His work has two different charactors.
One express his identity as an artist, Daisuke Kiyomizu. It has a unique taste of enhanching beauty naturally, the beauty which existed in our nature without any additional touch-ups, which he works on resarch for over his lifetime.

The another features daily use items as a brand of “Tokinoha”. Tokinoha items are created orderly with a focus on user-friendliness. It is created as if a manufacturing product.

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