Fried pork with miso and sesame sauce

Fried pork with miso and sesame sauce

Suprisingly, sesame paste goes well with miso!
Miso is one of most common Japanese food made of soy beans and highly nutirtious.
It is a staple of Japanese diet and features in foods such as miso soup.

-cooking ingredient-
sliced pork 300g
*marinade ingredients
sake 1tbsp
soy sauce 1/2tbsp
onion 1/4
chopped ginger 1tsp
chopped garlic 1tsp
potato starch some

miso 2tbsp
white sesame paste 3tbsp
sugar 1tbsp
 sake 1/2tbsp
soy sauce 1/2tbsp
chopped red paeper 1tsp

1. season sliced pork with marinade ingredients.
If you buy thick sliced pork, please cut into bite-size pieces.
2. chop onion and microwave it for 40 seconds.
3. mix all sauce ingredients and onion well
4. lightly coat the pork with potato starch
5. fry pork until brown
6. add the sauce to fried pork and mix throughly
This plate is good when served with raw vegitables under them.


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