Yuzukosho -Japanese seasoning-

Hi, everyone!
This is Petako, one of tablin’s staff.
I made yuzukosho with my mother when I went back to my parents’ home at the end of year of 2011. Yuzukosho is a one of Japanese seasoning. It is made from Yuzu peel and chilli pepper.

My mother often make stuff herself. She makes MIso, Umeboshi which is Japanese pickle and fruit liquor every year when that is in season. Although she lives in a city, she also grow some fruit such as Japanese Orange, Kinkan(Japanese citrus) and Cherry, and vegetables in the garden. Isn’t is very healthy and safety? 🙂

It is natural and easy-to-make, so why don’t you try to make?

-cooking ingredientー
yuzu(citrus fruit)  1piece
green/red chilli pepper  15pieces  Green pepper:Red pepper=2:1
salt  1tbsp

1. Wash and peel off a thin slice of yuzu rind and then cut finely.
2. Wash peppers and cut finely
3. Put 1, 2 and salt into an earthenware mortar and mix them thoroughly into gruel
4. Put them into covered container and refrigerate

Note: Here is the one which aged for a year. You can tell that more red pepper was in last year. The tast becomes more mellow and differ from the one which I had just made!


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