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Tokoname ware Japanese tea pot – Gyokuko

a600IMG_0819 Many potteries in city of Tokoname create teapots. They create teapots not only of beautiful appearance but also Tokoname teapots which are made for wide varieies depending of kind tea leaves which are used. I have visited Tokoname pottery – Gyokuko . a600IMG_0827 a600IMG_0828 Mix raw materials such as long stone, water, vermilion, then use pressing machine to evaporate the moisture to make original clay. a600IMG_0815 Mr. Umehara Hirotaka of the Traditional craftsman. Mr. Umehara said by measuring the weight of the clay , the size of the teapot are determined. Production of each parts At first make parts of teapot such as main body, lid, handle, spout and tea strainer then connect each parts to make one teapot. Pottery Gyokuko has been producing all the parts by the potter’s wheel except strainer. Magnific technique of a superior craftsperson. Every parts have been finishing same size. After that, use spatula or plane to smoothen the surface of the teapot. a600IMG_0825 Get together each parts. Brush clay of the connecting parts to get them together. a600IMG_0830 Grind lid of the teapot Teapot Tokoname is famous for its high airtigheness of lid and pot. Put the powder between the pot and lid to grind carefully one by one. I introduced only partially process but there are so many procedure to make one teapot. The Gyokuko pottery produces hundreds of teapots. The Gyokuko pottery is particular about usability in lightness and shape of teapot. Tokoname teapot has ceramic strainer with so many tiny holes. They are devoted to the natural coloring method without using glaze. This natural coloring method is harnessing to chemical reaction which occurs when rice husks and iron from clay are baking in kiln. To enjoy the delicious tea would like to be particular about Tea kit.

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