Our recommendation for hot season! How to make cold brewed Japanese green tea

Tea leaves of high quality tea are soft and fresh; because of this it’s possible to brew tasty green tea by not boiled water but cold one. You can make cold brewed green tea by most of green teas such as Sencha, Gyokuro and Hojicha. Please try to make it! You don’t need tea pot to make cold brewed tea. Put the green tea leaves into glass or plastic jug, then pour the water into jug, then keep it in refrigerator. That is all! About one hour after, the taste and flavor comes out from tea leaves. Some brands produce special jug with tea strainer for cold brewed tea. aIMG_2495 We use Hario brand’s jug at Tablinstore office. We Tablinstore recommend Hario brand’s jug. It is possible to keep jugs from Hairo brand by sideway, which helps tea leaves to open in uniformity and also not choose the keeping place. Because of not heating, the bitter component is not extracted and taste is soft and sweet. And also because of storing in refrigerator, it is possible to enjoy cold-brewed tea for 3-4 days. In addition: It does not recommended to stir tea leaves or shake the jug; it may cause damage of tea leaves and won’t extract high quality taste. The quantity of water is to be more than while making in teapot. Approximately: tea leaves 5-10g , water 1000ml

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