Start the first step of his dream with TAKOYAKI , octopus dumpling, an Osaka specialty

Do you know  TAKOYAKI which is known as an Osaka specialty in Japan.

TAKOYAKI is a ball-shaped and made of batter(flours combined with water or milk and eggs), and boiled and diced octopus in it.
You have them with TAKOYAKI sause and mayyonaise.It is initially popular in Osaka, KANSAI where is located in west of main island of Japan, but nowadays spread to throughout Japan.

As well as purchasing in street food stall, many people who lives in Osaka cook it easily at home.It is said that every family have a TAKOYAKI pan at home in Osaka. Of course I had one in my parents’ home.I recently visited one of my friends who runs TAKOYAKI specialty restaurant.
On a busy day, he cooks no less than 2000 pieces of TAKOYAKI!

Tips for a delicious TAKOYAKI is to put them in a pan cleanly, cook until crispy outside and keep floaty and soft inside.

He quit previouse work to make his dream come true and finally started his own business from 2011.
He talk passionately about increasing the number of shops in future.TAKOYAKI is now become popular in Korea and China and there are many TAKOYAKI shops overseas.
You might enjoy it in your city someday in the near future. 🙂


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